is Bangladesh based web hosting and domain registration is the Bangladesh's top secured, DDoS Protected, shared hosting service provider. We provide the best service at lowest cost. Our dedicated team is ready to give solution of all server related problems. We are offering unbeatable packages for our clients. BD Server Hosting is the best web hosting and domain registartion company.

What we do



We Keeps Your Website Up and Running

We are maintaining worlds latest server with latest security features. Our DDoS protection will keep your business data secure and LIVE! Our dedicated highly skilled support team is ready to solve your hosting related problems. We keep our server update with latest technology to server our client BEST!


Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

Now a days building your own website becomes easy. We help you to make your own website. Our development is specialized in creating corporate website, web application development, site design, database design, template customization, wordpress customization, e-commerce, SEO, responsive template design, email marketing and many other service at affordable price.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
Our servers use Litespeed instead of apache, which is 9X faster than apache.
CloudLinux Monitored
Our servers are utilizing CloudLinux resource limits restrictions to ensure no abuse occurs on our services & no conflict issues impact the service of other paying clients.
CloudFlare Supercharged
Makes your site 30% faster, use 60% less bandwidth and a whole lot more secure and reliable.
Free Migration Service
We will move your website to our servers with zero downtime.
Firewall Protection
We utilize Cisco 6500 Firewall modules to protect our clients from DDOS attacks.
Powerful Nodes
Your webhosting will be setup on one of our powerful nodes. All webhosting nodes feature at least quad core processors, however most webhosting nodes are 6 or 8 cores processors. At least 12-16 GB of RAM is present in all webhosting nodes with TB’s of disk space available.