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09 Oct 2021

The Best Web Hosting for small business in Bangladesh for 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Business without online presence or business without website is not a matured situation. Now every business should have their own identity! Without website, business falls in a challenge of losing confidence from clients. Website for a company is now not a spillover option. Finding yellow page or business directory becomes obsolete now. Peoples are used with internet society. Product, service or business whatever they need, they are used to search internet. Even personal communication relies on social media. In a plain word, not for business only for all type of website may be personal website or blog need web hosting service. For internet community web hosting plays a vital role. Bangladesh is not at behind at this context. There are more than hundreds of web hosting company in Bangladesh are claiming themselves as the Best Web Hosting provider.

After planning your website, the very basic requirement is web hosting. Web hosting company in Bangladesh offers different type of services at different costs. Common features include monthly data transfer, hosting spaces, domain add-ons, email and security tools. Users have to define the core features lists those are essential for your needs. For example small business needs fast website with minimum email features. Vendor and supplier needs email features, so that their email never goes untraced. E-commerce site need speed and bandwidth etc.

If you can choose the right web hosting company, process would be easy for you to develop your website. Every Best web hosting provider have one click site installation or site builder with hundreds of free and paid themes. Creative business could make their own unique website design. A business website would be a combination of business profile, office location, service or product description, office address , business hours and others bio. Small Business web hosting chooses shared hosting packages. But this could be VPS, Dedicated server or cloud servers also.

Web Hosting for Business would be fare enough to gain rank higher at Google Search. Site should load fast and hassle free email features. Now Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is must for every website. This security layer encrypts customer data between browser and server connection. This all data remains safe and sound. Now cPanel give free SSL service but you can buy better encryption for spending some money. In Bangladesh, most the top business hosting provides free SSL service.

The most prominent features includes uptime, server speed, uninterrupted mail service and the most one is the price. Need to review these parameters to judge the Best Web Hosting service in Bangladesh. Here we are mentioning some top rating companies of Bangladesh those provide best web hosting services.

We are not ranking the Best Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh. Rather we are focusing on Google rank and public popularity.

Hosting Bangladesh

Pros: Lot of unlimited packages with free domain offer. Smart email tools.
Cons: Offered package star and next is too high. No mid level packages. No windows hosting plans.
Expert Comment: Support is outstanding. 24 hours specialized human support made them unique.
Web Host BD

Pros: Variety plans with low pricing offers. Most the offer with free domain options.
Cons: Live chat is not always live! Technical support takes time.
Expert Comment: Family business. Even office location is non commercial location. Owner’s house is address of office address.
BD Server Hosting

Pros: fast growing web hosting company. Packages are well is fast enough.
Cons: No much free domain offer.
Expert Comment: Trying to becomes the best web hosting company in Bangladesh.
Alpha Net

Pros: Specialized at both windows and linux hosting.
Cons: Starting package price is much higher than other competitors.
Expert Comment: Outstanding marketing strategy. Their media coverage is not less then they are claiming.
Xeon BD

Pros: Bangladeshi data center.
Cons: No USA data center for shared hosting packages.
Expert Comment: Support need to improve.
Techno BD

Pros: Nice package structure.
Cons: Not a core web hosting company. Their main business is web development.
Expert Comment: Live support should be improved to retain customer satisfection.

Pros: Pioneer leader in hosting industry.
Cons: Lot of customers leave them for different reason.
Expert Comment: Need to adopt latest technology to sustain in this competitive market. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

09 Oct 2021

10 Reasons Why People like Shared Web Hosting

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Shared Web Hosting becomes very common in web hosting industry! To start a new business or online shop, ultimate choice is Shared Hosting. The concept of shared hosting is, multiple users share the same resources of single server. The limit of spaces, bandwidth, process, inodes are managed by the provider. Shared Web Hosting is very much popular for new startup companies, blogs and personal websites. Here we are mentioning some common points for choosing shared hosting.

1. Affordable and Cost Effectiveness

Shared web hosting is affordable and cost effective for all site owner. Initially they can start with lower package and then they can gradually upgrade their packages as per their requirements. Almost all hosting provider have option to upgrade their package. Each package has different resource distribution and user have option to choose from those bundles. There have very low price packages now a day, because there are many competitors exist.

2. Easy for beginners to learn and manage

Generally new site owners have very poor knowledge about server’s hardware configuration, bandwidth, storage type etc. But after adopting any service they can realize the importance of server resources. Then they can gather knowledge and jump to their appropriate stage. All shared web hosting manage their server with highly professional and skilled expert to assist attract users. Gradually uses can learn from them and they start managing their site from opening email accounts to take regular manual backups.

3. Scalable

The most notable point for this shared web hosting service is, anyone can start their service with small plan and when visitors increased and touched the specified resource limit, they can go to next resource bundle. Most providers welcome this up gradation with minimum budget. Though most providers maintain a standard limitation for shared packages, exceeding this limitation open scope to move at VPS and Dedicated server. At this stage, users willing to pay more as they have already got huge visitors to speedup their business.

4. Security

As there have more than thousands of sites and each servers are the heart of hosting provider, they becomes very much serious about its security. If this server got affected, their business will be under threat! So the smart hosting providers always try to adopt latest add-ones and security tool. This is the most height considerable issue in popular shared web hosting. Most hosting provider keep block popular port to keep server safe from hackers. Moreover different users face varieties problems and to solve this problem Best Hosting Provider always keep the server well tuned!

5. Easy Maintenance

The administration and maintenance of shared hosting server is done by most top Hosting provider. So users do not need to concern about this issue. Actually users no need to gather huge technical knowledge to keep his site safe. But yes, its better to keep manual backup for own safety. This is a good practice and this idea will keep your business safe and secure from any unwanted disaster!

6. No need depth knowledge

Among all hosting service, shared web hosting need limited knowledge about server and other technical terms. Rather Best web hosting provider’s technical support person will inform users regarding various technical issues and its effectiveness. But for VPS , CLOUD and Dedicated servers, there need much technical knowledge to optimize and secure.For example, at shared hosting user just inform to technical support person that his site is responding slow. That time tech person will review the issue and if users site need any optimization they suggest that and if this becomes server issue, they handle this issue for all users within this server.

7. Easily adopt latest technology

In this competitive market there are lot of hosting companies and new companies are coming with new offers. To sustain in this competition every best hosting company will add latest add-ones to attract the clients. For shared hosting clients they got latest technology with minimum price. Drag and drop site builder and many user friendly tools make starting new site easy for beginners and learners.

8. Customer Support

Customer support is the core for a ll top web hosting companies. Though most the users are low paid users but each of them has huge exception and various demands. Best shared web hosting always provide smart customer support to keep there clients active. These customers bring new customer when they becomes satisfied with their service. Level of support is almost same as managed dedicated server.

9. Tons of free add-on services

To be alive in this competitive industry, featured add ones the key terms to attract new clients. Almost all top web hosting company offer lots of add-ones services. These are the marketing term for hosting providers. one click install, drug and drop builders, SEO Marketing, mail tools and some security tools are very much popular. Some smart web hosting company includes tons of add-ones just as free. Shared web hosting users enjoy these features whenever they want. Some features only allow limited users for free and for details they ask for price. For both web hosting company and the free add-ones service provider have win-win situation for generating revenue.

10. Simplicity

All shared web hosting service is managed service and this is similar to managed dedicated servers. The hosting provider maintainable and configure hardware and software from data center. So for users they don’t need to be worry about service down or IP blacklists and others issues. Moreover easy to use even complex tasks made easy with cPanel software, site builders and others tools. User no needs to think about expiring date. Al most all top web hosting provider sends multiple emails and phone reminders to renew their services.

Now a day, shared web hosting becomes very much popular for all type of hosting users. Users feel comfort with price and services. But users need to choose the best one for their business. Choosing bad hosting provider could destroy your business. is the best web hosting company in bangladesh..[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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