Cloud Identification tool cloud iap and secure ldap is separately available for developers

The concept of Cloud Identity for Customers and Partners (CICP) is simple. Its allow developer to integrate cloud identification tool as a separate tool. Cloud gives more security , access and control without leaking security by offering multiple ways to integrate authentication. Three components make up the core of CICP. The authentication service, automated threat detection, and a scalable infrastructure.
At its early version, it was a part of entire G Suite ecosystem. Due to huge demand of this tool, Google made it separate for use outside of this environment. The developer could add identity and access management into apps and services without leaving from the GCP environment. Cloud Identity allows the developers to offer multiple ways to integrate authentication. Client can use password, phone numbers or social media. Whatever way they choose , cloud identity will secure authentication and identity detection.
Google made it compatible with both client-side SDKs and server-side SDKs on the web and mobile platforms. Even its open for iOS and Android including Node.js, Java, and Python.
Another vital features is Automated threat detection. Leverages Google’s cloud intelligence to detect signs that an account might be compromised. It detects bad requests from different IP and websites. Web admin does not need to be aware of these threads. In the near future, it’ll enable two-factor authentication.
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