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Data Transfer Project : Google new idea to collaborate data with Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook.

Google has taken the initiatives to make data transfer across online platform. Its purpose is to transfer user data from one service to another, without manual download and upload process. Google opens project with Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook and named it Data Transfer Project. Its an open source project.

Users of these vendors are using existing tools to download photos, videos, files etc. But with the help of this new project users will be able to transfer their all data from one vendor to another.

So far, seven services provider are using their five type of data.The main part of this project will be implementing on
different service from single platform. Now anyone can transfer data to their Google Drive, Box, Drop Box and Microsoft One Drive.

After implementation and integration with different service, the key factor is the security. Google is planning to generate unique key for both transfer and receive mode. For security and privacy of both service there will be authentication and access permission from users.

Purpose of this project is to allow users to put their data anywhere without data loss and time. Vision is to work with all other service/tools to bring this type of functionality across the web. Google proposed this project open source so that anyone can contribute on this project to support more data types and hosting solutions.

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