Giant credit card company MasterCard and top IT company Microsoft is planning for a joint project “Universal digital ID technology”. Microsoft just given some hints on its white paper. If they could achieve this project done, this could be the revolutionary project for all area. This will cover from shopping to any basic service like education.
Whenever we need to take any service from online, we have to put our same info, address and payment details. This new idea will verify your universal digital identity whenever needed. Current verification may not support for all country and all site. Every site need separate verification for any new transaction. At this stage MasterCard is working with Microsoft to make this feature alive.
This innovation will ease all financial services like online banking, online shopping, address verification etc. It will accelerate government service like filling tax and vat , education, hospitality , basic bills and Pathao.
This new innovation will play the ideal role of peoples every day’s live, work and play. And this should be reviewed and checked of using digital identity and data. MasterCard and Microsoft is working closely to bring this decentralized digital identity in life! Based on one-stop solution of accessing and verifying identity could also bring new improvement of globalization. There are lot of people do not have any identity. This new system could help non registered people for their prime service like health, housing and other common service. Specially for refugees from different country and common problem of this south Asian region. In Bangladesh, there are lot of foreign service available for mostly non registered women, children and poor people.
This project will be the MasterCard’s new project powered by Microsoft. Technical backed will be cover by Microsoft Azure. The core collaboration should be within banks, mobile operators and government mass units. is the top web hosting and domain registration company in Bangladesh. Out heroic support makes us special.

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