Energy savings ai for google data center cooling new dimension on web hosting industry

From many days, Google is using energy savings cooling technology for its server at data center. Now it has implemented safety first AI for cooling and industrial control. Previous system was involved with some human interaction. Now cloud based AI system is free from human touch. This new system is directly controlling data center cooling system while its under supervision of data center activities.
AI system gather information every five minutes and feed them into neural networks. System produce the report of assumption of how much energy consumption require for these system. Its generate auto action for each data server whatever resource needs for cooling the system. Whole process controlled my new AI system and it produce less CO and its helps environment to be safe and sound.
As manual action becomes less and its require few supervisor. It increased the process faster will less problem. Here equipments costs are also goes down. This AI based cooling system will be the ideal for others giant data center. Next generation data center technology will get Eco friendly system.
Google have different tools for different services and its data servers are separate. So this AI is designed in such a way that, it will maintain highest safety and reliability with maximum efficiency!
Now this new AI system only implemented at data-center cooling system. Google is planning to use this system for other projects and it will help reduce climate risk! This is very common practice, Google’s every success becomes the idle for other sectors. More research will result more improvement and less risk. Within near all future all data center will use AI like Eco friendly system.
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