Free Web Hosting Bangladesh

Information is the main success key in cyber world. Bangladesh is just started its journey at this arena. New users who need to host their website becomes confused at the time of decision. Lot of web hosting company claim they provide free hosting. But actually this free is not actually free. Most free web hosting in BD offers hosting with their add features. When clients will visit your site, they will see annoying adds and it will be negative impact on your business.
Free web hosting in Bangladesh only allow plain files. They do not give you permission to run php scripts, or any others scripting language. Most of the best web sites are dynamic and informative. Sites without database are just like a plain paper. In Bangladesh you need to choose best web hosting company for your serious business.
Few free web hosting provider allow some fixed web templates for creating web page. But these templates are not professional outlook or not smart looking. Beside these they offer paid templates. BD Server Hosting offers free web site builder for all clients.
Free web hosting does not allow you to use email for your domain. Some company allow email but with limited resource. Those are just useless for serious email business. If you want better web hosting service, you have to pay to best web hosting company in Bangladesh.
Free web hosting company will never give you support at live chat or email or even at phone. But for smooth business you need to ensure smart web hosting support. Bd Server Hosting provide free support for all shared hosting packages.
So from above discussion we can came to a decision that for business free hosting is not the solution. In Bangladesh, BD Server Hosting offers cheap web hosting packages. All packages include SSD storage. We are the partner of We are the only liquidweb company with heroic support in Bangladesh.

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