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Google and Scale Computing partnership creates Cloud Unity for data center backup

Cloud Unity is a platform built with Google and Scale computing. It makes it easier to use Google Cloud Platform as a backup of own data center. Scale Computing work for infrastructure software for hyper-converged systems. Cloud Unity integrates Scale’s HC3 software environment with Google Compute Engine. HC3 helps build cluster using Google’s infrastructure to backup your own data center in Google’s data center. There needs SD-WAN connection with existing Scale environment, which manage same LAN with Google hosted cloud version as a another cluster. VXLAN encryption is being used between my site and Google’s data center.
Google was started with pure cloud play but later on, its expand its arena by partnering with Nutanix, another hybrid cloud vendor. Now Google becomes smart enough for Hybrid cloud platform. This partnership helps smaller and mid level company as they will get benefit from not taking complex cloud platform and it will reduce disaster and recovery budget. It will save time and money. Final goal of Google is to expand its hybrid cloud positioning. For any business data security is the highest priority issue. So this partnering with Scale Computing will keep Google ahead on some area. Now Google cloud platform offers 300$ free credit for new
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