Linux’s cloud cover all commercial and non commercial version including Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. These are more prominent than Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Suse Linux Enterprise Server. The success behind this growth factor includes affordability, existing high-quality open source software, and a vast open source community to support and push the pace of cloud technologies forward.
There are plenty of tools already used in cloud are Nginx Web server and reverse proxy PostgreSQL database, Redis NoSQL database, and prepackaged modules available on
Almost Everyone does run some Linux. Many enterprises using the Linux OS with database. Some are using linux for some of their in house custom private enterprise application. Moreover Google coming on and IBM moving forward, there is really no doubt that Linux has the lion’s share of the cloud providers.
There are three factor which make Linux on top of cloud Technology. 1: No license required 2. easy hardening of Linux to make very secure systems. 3: Its a virtual platform for all. Anyone can change even its core to adopt its requirements.
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