Hosting Services becomes very much critical for any business. Specially for Bangladesh, finding the best web hosting service provider in Bangladesh is tough. Most of the web hosting company published the features those are not real. Choosing the best web hosting company in Bangladesh, for new customer who is almost new to those technologies makes him puzzled. Because new clients does not aware of what to look for in a good web hosting plan. Here we are trying to guide a client to make him understand on the important features on web hosting services.
1. Support
For any hosting service, support is the key factor to success. If you face any problem at your hosting, you need to reach someone from support and get a quick response. Before taking service you need to check published phone number, timing of support and email response of your problem mail. Few companies set 24 hours person to reply clients knocks, but you need to verify, how technical they are and if they are able to solve your problem promptly or not!
2. Speed
Server Speed represent the smartness of your site. How fast it loads. If you want to keep at high rank at google search, its must, you need to choose fast server. before taking service test the web hosts site and some of clients site.
3. Space
Space are like land location. The quality of land of motijheel and the land of savar is different. Though both place are from Dhaka. So, you need to choose better one. Now SSD is fast enough. Even you need to search for more sophisticated and latest technology on web space. For smooth service you need to keep 50% free space of your website.
4. Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the amount of data that you and your visitors download and upload from your site. In shared hosting, bandwidth calculated based on Monthly basis. When choose a package from any hosting provider, you need to assume how much visitors you are expecting. Content of your site also come in factor for estimating Bandwidth.’s special support team is always ready to give you proper idea about bandwidth based on your site’s content and users. Some company offers unlimited Bandwidth. But if the hosting provider does not maintain the server properly it affects the performance of your website. So always make sure you have the option to increase or upgrade packages or specific features.
5. Uptime
Uptime is the span of time of your online office time. Your site must be viewable anytime from anywhere in the world! If your site goes down you will lose your business. So before taking any web service, you need to check its previous records. Keep in mind, almost all web providers claim they provide 99.99% uptime but they don’t rely on them. You need to use some uptime tools like Host Tracker, Pingdom etc. You should not consider any downtime of your site!
6. Backup
Backup is the vital features for any site. There is no guarantee of internet thread like hacking, server hardware crash or content missing issues. For all these occurrence, solution is Backup! If you have that you will be confident enough for your business strength. It’s best if you able to ensure daily backup for last 7 days or more! Or at least 2/3 copies of weekly and monthly backup. If you site becomes small, you can took your own backup from cpanel.
7. Email Accounts and Features
Email is the vital part of any websites. Lot of company take domain and hosting only for their corporate email service. Smart bangladeshi web hosting should block email spamming. Sometimes Ip becomes block. Best Web hosting company always delisted Ip blocks sharply. Text the email score.
8. Framework Support and Easy-Install
Technology is upgrading. Best Web Hosting company should always keep their web server up to date. For example, in case of Laravel project server needs latest php and database version. And different framework needs different configuration. CloudLinux give this opportunity to customize server software version.
9. Language Support
The purpose of writing is for Bangladeshi clients. So this is obvious to have Bangla language technical support. You need to check the depth of technical knowledge of support person. Some company put non technical person, they will not be able to solve your problem but sometimes they will make you confused!
With all the above there are many others issues that will make your service suitable for you. Even sometimes some service may need extra configuration for specific job. However, here I am trying to focus on main features for choosing best web hosting provider in Bangladesh. is the highest point achiever on these issues. I am highly recommended!

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