Free Web Hosting and Wordpress Site Development for Non-profit and Students

All our plans are based on international standard. We researched hosting market and their various price. Then We came to the present scenario. However from the beginning we always prioritize freelancer and students. We tried to give discount for students on all packages and freelancer got their required customized packages. From our experience, we took the note that students always looks for discount rate and freelancer become happy when they got their required resources. Here comes our customized package. As we claim our self the best web hosting in Bangladesh. So we try our best to deliver the top service to our clients.

Yes, we offer free hosting and free web site development for non-profit and students. This is our exclusive services. We are not making any packages for free deal. But this will be our on demand services. After getting requests from students and non-profit organization, we will review and finally choose the service for them. Let’s say for some students we will only choose free hosting. For some candidates we will choose free site development only. Yes, obviously we have the right to finalize the deal. Even we have right to deny any request without explanation. But we want to work for them. This service will be beneficial for our marketing.

We believe customer satisfaction is the most prominent issue in any business. Profit comes next and its logical sequence! So our support team is trained to honor the clients. We want to be the best to achieve top customer support center. Knock us for your free hosting or site development with your proper documents.

Thanks for being with us!

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