09 Oct

5 Best Practices for Remaining Malware-Free

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s very common task for every top hosting company to clean the malaware or block site or part of site, maybe a single link to protect malaware. Sites have been developed many days ago and not taking care of sites may attract malare on it. Its important to realize that the malaware in PC and the website malaware is not the same. There have some difference in between them. Website malaware can change an entire website. It can steal private information like credit card or others. It can prompt inappropriate advertisement during the site visit. Anyways, here we will discuss some issues regarding protection of malaware for a specific site!

1. Update your password at regular interval

Update your password at regular interval. Password includes cPanel, database, ftp, mail and others. Changing password will keep you site secure from various threat. But if your site already affected and malaware content already entered at your website’s content, changing password will not work until cleaning the affected files.

2. Confirm updated antivirus

Scanning virus regularly prevent malaware attract from your website. The pc is being used to maintain your site, must be installed antivirus. Even antivirus is necessary for all the client pc’s from where email is using as client. Antivirus should be updated regularly and its settings should be monitor at regular interval. Let’s set a schedule to scan for virus and check which files marked as problem and fix them accordingly.

3. Remove unused contents and plugins

Professional sites needs regular new features and updates to existing features. During this system upgrade lot of files and plugins becomes obsolete for specific sites. It’s very important to remove un used files and plugins from website. Unused files always open the door for malaware and spamming threat. If user chooses wordpress for their site, unused plugins are the real victim for affecting whole site.

4. Using a vulnerability scanner and automated patching system

After hosting a site, developer or the owner of the site may be rested but cyber criminals did not. They use malicious bots to find the hole to gain access on site’s content or other parts of the site. Gradually they try to gain the control of the site or server. At this stage website scanner is the best choice to prevent from cyber attract. Website scanner find the infected files and sometimes cleans them.

5. Using regular backups

Digital products are intellectual property. There is no security of physical damage. Content could be attract anytime. So the best policy is keeping regular backups. Benefit of keeping backup is , when site becomes affected , admin could restore from last stable backups. Generally server admin keep backup within same server. But site owner should took physical backup separately at remote backup when site’s content is not huge!

Best web hosting company in Bangladesh took regular checkup using different scanner. Attacking malaware, results site’s IP blocking, site down due to suspension and others irrigating situation. Preventing malaware is affordable and smart investments for your best web hosting company. Especially in Bangladesh clients are not well talented and due to unsafe practice of site management. Attacking malaware is very common.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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